Biology Research as a Service: an accelerator tool
Our program covers a broad range of resources, focusing on macromolecular interactions. We create customizable pipelines.
At B13LOGY LLC, we provide expert wet and dry lab research for molecular life sciences.

We recognize that biology is exceedingly complex and our goal is to equip researchers with the tools needed to extract maximum value from their work.
We want to help our customers to move swiftly and confidently from experiment to discovery. Want to maximize your sample quality; need help with experimental design? Do you have a unique data-type; need a custom analytical solution? Let us help you get the most out of your research projects, working with 'omics or boutique data.

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Analytical pipeline for CDI HuProtâ„¢ microarrays
Protein Microarrays
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The Role of Mobile Genetic Elements in Cancer
There appears to be a fundamentally reciprocal linkage between cancer development and L1 activity: cancer makes a favorable environment for L1 expression, and L1 expression exacerbates cancer development. This linkage is, therefore, an important target for cancer research.
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Raising antibodies against protein complexes
Dr LaCava's approach is providing novel solutions to long-standing, under-articulated problems in protein biochemistry and affinity proteomic research.
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